If You’re A Guy You Should Know These Movie Quotes

al pacino the insider

The Insider (1999)

Portraying the charismatic television producer Lowell Bergman, Al Pacino delivers a truly memorable speech that is almost on par with his monologue from The Scent of a Woman. Like so many great quotes, this one certainly speaks for itself.

Memorable The Insider quote:

Lowell Bergman: “You pay me to go get guys like Wigand, to draw him out. To get him to trust us, to get him to go on television. I do. I deliver him. He sits. He talks. He violates his own fucking confidentiality agreement. And he’s only the key witness in the biggest public health reform issue, maybe the biggest, most-expensive corporate-malfeasance case in U.S. history. And Jeffrey Wigand, who’s out on a limb, does he go on television and tell the truth? Yes. Is it newsworthy? Yes. Are we gonna air it? Of course not. Why? Because he’s not telling the truth? No. Because he is telling the truth. That’s why we’re not going to air it. And the more truth he tells, the worse it gets!”