The Best Natural 3-in-1 Men’s Body Washes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone natural#1. Everyone 3-in-1 Soap ($11 @

It’s affordable and features a blend of organic botanical extracts that work in synergy to create a rich, luxurious lather. Use this as a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath for a gentle, moisturizing clean. A bonus: the bottle is something she’ll notice when she rummages through your bathroom.

Kiss my Face#2. Kiss My Face Kmf Natural Man Aqua ($8 @

Its soothing blend of green tea, sage, lemongrass, rosemary, and shea butter that A) leaves your body smelling good, and B) leaves your body, face and hair nourished and invigorated.

Honestly pHresh natural#3. Honestly pHresh Active Sea Mineral Three-In-One Wash ($13 @

The all-natural, pH-balanced 3-in-1 wash is a simple way to shower, shave, and shampoo without the hassle of multiple products. It contains ginseng, aloe and green tea to refresh and hydrate. 

Athletes Soap#4. Athletes Soap – #1 ALL NATURAL Antifungal Soap ($13 @

This anti-fungal soap is the answer to any body odor issue you might have. It’s formulated with tea tree, eucalyptus, and organic, skin-soothing ingredients to provide quick, all-natural relief and protection from embarrassing bacterial issues.

Kale#5. Kale Naturals Sport 3-in-1 Wash ($24 @

After a tough workout — or a long session sweating while sitting on the couch — wash the dirt and grime away via this thick, rich formula works on hair, face and body to cleanse, purify and renew with no hassle.