The Best Spices To Keep In Your Kitchen

spices you should have in your kitchen

#5. Cinnamon
This versatile spice can be used in everything from oatmeal, Greek Yogurt, and French toast for breakfast, or kebabs and rice for dinner. Studies have shown that cinnamon can help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, and relieve arthritis. Just don’t name your daughter after it — you’d pretty much be guaranteeing that she’ll become a stripper.

#6. Rosemary
Add rosemary to salmon, pasta, pork, roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and sautéed vegetables to bring out their flavor. Along with its great taste and pleasant scent, rosemary contains substances that are useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, and improving digestion.

#7. Thyme
Perfect for stews and stocks, as well as a variety of chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes, this tasty and nutrient-dense spice has been found to significantly increase the percentage of healthy fats found in cell membranes. Apparently you want fat cell membranes. Who knew?

#8. Ginger
Ginger adds zest to Asian stir-fry, Indian recipes, and fruit and vegetable dishes. Just be careful: It can turn bitter if you burn it. And much like cinnamon, you probably don’t want to name your daughter after it unless you want her to be lost at sea as an adult.