The Best Thing To Do With An Old Bike


You don’t have to be a grass-eating vegan who lives in a tree house to conclude that hanging a dead moose or deer head on your wall isn’t the design aesthetic you’re going for. But still … you gotta admit there’s something cool and manly about mounting stuff on your wall. So if you’re all set with framed art, consider amputating the handlebars from your aging bicycle. Seriously.

Bicycle Taxidermy is a London-based company that’ll take the handlebars from your Huffy or any other old ride and create a stylish wall mount out of them. They provide plaques made of burnt or bleached oak wood ($64 plus shipping) upon which you can showcase the top portion of your deceased two-wheeled steed. Below the chrome mounting brackets where you affix your handlebars with a simple screwdriver, the company places a steel epitaph you can customize with your own words of homage: the model, the bike’s pet name, the dates you road her, and a commemorative verse. (A passage from Breaking Away should suffice.) They also sell already-mounted new chrome handlebars in styles like chopper, cruiser, and butterfly ($160 plus shipping).