The Best Workouts For Men: Your Biceps

Partner Resisted Preacher Curls
If you have a towel, a pal, and a preacher curl or adjustable incline bench, you have the ingredients for one of the most brutal bicep exercises around. The shifting tension makes the exercise particularly awful … in a good way. With a standard curl, the resistance stays the same and there are mechanical advantages and disadvantages in the exercise. In a manual exercise, your partner shifts the intensity so there is no true advantage or disadvantage, just an agonizing muscle-building burn.

How to do it
1. Rest the crook of your armpits at the top of a preacher curl or incline bench.
2. Grab a towel with a narrow grip and have your partner grip outside the framework of your hands.
3. Curl the towel up to the front of your shoulders while your partner applies tension/resistance by pulling on the towel.
4. When you reach the apex of the movement, have your partner pull down on the towel as you resist
5. Repeat

Do two sets to failure.