The Biggest Online Entertainment Trends of 2022

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The fast-paced online entertainment industry has always come up with new and exciting trends each year. This year, 2022, is no less. The online entertainment industry keeps evolving to cater to the needs and desires of its audience.

During the pandemic, most of us binge-watched our favorite shows. But after two years, everyone has started to rebuild their lives. Instead of taking this hard, the entertainment industry quickly adapted to the changes and brought forth even better entertainment trends than before.

Let’s sneak into the biggest online entertainment trends of 2022:

1.  Online Gambling

The closure of offline casinos during the pandemic has done wonders for the gambling industry. Who would have thought people from all over the world would prefer online casinos to brick-and-mortar ones? Certainly not us!

We recently found out from a source at Casino USA, that casino operators in the USA developed this trend of opening online casinos so that gamblers wouldn’t have to wait in lines or visit a physical casino site to play and wager. Since then, this trend has grown, and the Online Gambling Industry will be worth 114.4 billion USD by 2028, breaking multiple records.

You must be thinking, why is online gambling so popular? Well, simply because an online casino USA offers ease and convenience. You name your favorite feature, and an online casino will surely have it.

For example, many gambling games await you on an online casino platform. From slots and roulette to live dealer games, you will find everything. Plus, the RTP (return-to-player) mainly works in favor of the players.

This means your chances of winning the game increase. The cherry on top is the provision of jackpots and progressive jackpots. If luck is on your side, you may win millions overnight. What’s more? You won’t even have to move an inch to play these games while you lounge on your couch. Play your favorite games on any mobile device, desktop, or laptop, whenever you want.

2.  Online TV

Like other digital media channels, online TV also gained fame during the COVID-19 lockdown and has reached its peak in 2022. This all happened with the creation of Netflix, an online movies and seasons streaming site for customers.

After Netflix, many other online TV sites, including HBO Max, Disney+, and Prime Video, have opened up. Each platform offers a set of unique perks like airing a few shows sooner than they would release in the TV marketplace and exclusive shows you won’t find anywhere else.

3.  Online Music Streaming Subscriptions

Music has remained the number#1 constant form of personal interest since 2018 for people. Those golden days of vinyl and CDs are long gone. It is the digital era, and music has adapted to this change by providing online music streaming sites and apps.

As a listener, you can combine online music while streaming through other digital media apps. Spotify, the giant music streaming service provider, has reported making 40% every year in ad revenue since 2021.

This massive growth accumulates to 15% of Spotify’s total earnings. Why go through hassles when you simply turn on Spotify or Apple Music and listen to your favorite songs or albums?

4.  TikTok and Instagram Reels Take the Lead

If you haven’t already noticed, let us word it out for you. TikTok has become the quickest-growing social application while being the favorite of all age groups. So, for short-form video content entertainment, it is your go-to application.

The close second is Instagram Reels growing at 27% since the end of 2020. With collaborations of celebrities and regular users, and famous brands with famous social app celebs, these platforms will continue to please their consumers while fighting for the #1 spot.

5.  Gaming for Everyone

With eSports and gaming conducting exhilarating tournaments worth millions of dollars, it is safe to say that gaming has become a top 2022 trend, too. While the pandemic situation canceled major sporting events during 2020-21, eSports and gaming saved the world.

This way, people could watch sporting events without leaving the house. By the end of 2021, online gaming integrated with advanced technology enhanced user experience. If you look at the stats, the number of men and women playing games is almost equal (85% and 81%, respectively).

This describes the diversity of the gaming marketplace. Mobile devices have made it easier to play games, and with the launch of innumerable downloadable free-to-play games, the online gaming industry is booming with profits.

6.  VR and AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have changed our world completely. That is why ignoring them as the hottest trend will not make sense. AR and VR applications have single-handedly modified media and entertainment businesses.

AR and VR close the bridge between users and technology by providing access to digital realms. Take Pokemon Go as an example. The famous gaming app blurred the physical and digital realms and provided users with unparalleled entertainment.

Then there’s Snapchat with its AR filters. Multiple famous social apps are integrating AR and VR as a much more affordable option with better mobility. In short, technology is advancing with AR and VR like never before.

7.  Mental Health Apps

Mental health is given priority these days for obvious reasons. For this, mental health applications are in-demand. Multiple online applications help users overcome depression, anger, anxiety, etc.

According to experts, the worldwide investment in mental health mobile applications by 2022 will reach 500 million USD. Also, users can access and monitor their mental health with mental health tracker applications.

These mental health apps are an affordable alternative to other solutions. Multiple applications offer users to communicate with professionals for expert opinions on their cases. This is the safest and most affordable way of gaining professional help without leaving the comfort of your house.


With technology moving forward, the online entertainment industry will continue to grow. Trends like Music, Gaming, Online Gambling, and Virtual and Augmented Reality will forever stay evergreen. If you didn’t know about these trends before, you know now. Take full advantage of these trends and enjoy your life like never before.