The Connection Between Gaming and Stress Relief

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There has been quite a lot written about video games, and not all of it is positive. People fear that video games might make them more stressed, and that kids who play them are less social and more violent. However, extensive research has been done on this topic, and the good news for gamers is that studies suggest that playing video games can actually help to reduce your stress levels.

How Gaming Can Impact Stress Levels

Whether you play strategy games, survival games, puzzles, first-person shooters or the best USA online casino games, you may already know that this can be a good way to relieve stress and enjoy socializing and catching up with friends. Now, research shows that video games are a good way to relieve stress. In one study, players were observed as they played either cooperative or competitive games, and there was a difference in stress levels after playing. Both groups had a decrease in stress levels after playing the game, with the cooperative gaming group experiencing a slightly lower stress level decline. Another study suggests that playing games can be a positive way to recover from a variety of stressful situations including daily stressors and work-related fatigue.

How to Use Video Games for Stress Relief

Studies suggest that gaming can provide a fun, safe outlet for developing coping skills and emotional awareness. The Behavioral Science Institute in The Netherlands studied proficient Starcraft 2 gamers to determine if there was any relation between their overall stress levels and the gaming mechanisms that they used within the game. They found that several players who became upset or stressed during the game handled these negative emotions with several useful coping strategies, including seeking out social support from other gamers.

Best Games for Stress Relief

If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual recently or are going through a stressful situation, there are several reasons to try gaming. Casual games are a great choice for stress relief as you can pick them up and play them at any time, and lots are available on mobile. They might include short gameplay matches, simple challenges, or puzzles and offer a quick break with an experience that is slightly challenging, but not stressful.

Cooperative games are another great choice due to the social aspect. These games involve challenges that are completed with other players, and they give players the chance to meet new people and make friends through the game. They are also ideal for social support among players, and they give players the chance to get support and develop their problem-solving skills.

Finally, consider playing some games that you really enjoy, no matter what type of game it is. Any game that you love spending time playing can be a stress reliever and provide you with an escape from daily stress while giving you a chance to build more positive feelings.

While many have feared that video games might actually stress us out more, the science shows the opposite with several studies suggesting that they are a useful way to manage our stress levels.