The history of table games: from prehistoric times to the present day

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For some time now, table games have been one of the most popular gifts. No matter the age, there is always a table game that might interest a friend or family member. It could be said that table games are living one of their golden moments since they were invented. But do you know how far back they go? If you want to know more about the history of table games, do not miss this article.

Prehistoric table games

When reference is made to prehistoric games, the first thing that comes to mind are games that are 30 or 40 years old. However, this is not the case. When we talk about table games of that date we refer to others. Around 5000 BC the first mentions of table games begin to appear in areas such as the Middle East, in northern Iraq to be precise. Archaeologists unearthed a few years ago what are 6-sided dice marked with dots (referring to numbers). According to some studies, these dice come from Pompey and ancient Egypt.

It could be said that the dice are more than 7,000 years old. Who would have thought that it would be so much easier to have fun today? To play these games of chance you just have to type in a search engine ‘casino table games’ and it will take you to the best options that are on the market. Casino games have incorporated craps as one of their star games. Furthermore, playing online allows you to spin roulette or play with a live dealer without having to be in a casino. Nowadays they can be played for real money and in a very safe way, just like in the old days. However, if you have never played with money before, it is better to get information through a guide and play for free. The mechanics, the pay-outs and the gameplay are the same but without risk. Also, there are bonus benefits, a feature that is not known at the moment if they had in Mesopotamian times.

It could be said that in relation to dice, table games have evolved a lot to the point of becoming one of the most demanded games by users.

Ancient Egyptian table games

During the Egyptian period, table games also became famous and popular amongst the great pharaohs of the time. Historians say the most famous game at that time was Senet. This game was very much involved with the concept of the destiny of humans at that time.

Divinity and the afterlife were always very present in the culture. Indeed, games have been found in the tombs of the pharaohs. For them, they were sacred objects that were to accompany them on their journey to the other world.

To play Egyptian games, a board and figures were necessary. We could say that it was in this period of history that the board was introduced and the idea of the traditional table game as we know it today began to take shape.

Table games of the Roman Empire

Perhaps one of the key points in history for the birth of wargames and role-playing games. The war strategy so characteristic of the Romans began to be incorporated into the games of the time. The most popular table game at the time was Ludus Latrunculorum, a game very similar to chess.

This type of game has gone down in history. Today, there are internationally known games, such as Risk, which has very similar rules. Players have to organise teams to conquer lands.

Table games from oriental culture

It was around 400 BC when Asian countries began to create their own cultural games. Until then, there were only adaptations of Middle Eastern games.

Monopoly, the birth of a traditional game

It was at the beginning of the 20th century that one of the best known table games in every family appeared: Monopoly. Lizzie Maggie was the woman who invented and patented the game in 1904, with the idea of denouncing the negative effects of speculation.

A board with different streets one wants to buy with fictitious money. Through this game, other well-known games were born, like Trivial Pursuit. This game is very different from the ones mentioned so far. It is a much more cultural game where you have to answer the questions correctly in order to win.

Since the invention of these games, new versions such as Monopoly Disney or Trivial Pursuit Disney have not stopped appearing.

Now that you know the history of table games, who knows if archaeologists will surprise us in the future with new discoveries that will give rise to other table games.