The Right Way To Headbutt Someone


How To Head Butt Someone

“A headbutt can cause severe injury, such as a laceration or skull fracture or even death to you and/or your opponent,” says Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin, president of GTD Engineering and former co-host of Deadliest Warrior. And since you only have one skull and one life, you should never ever ever (ever ever) consider using a headbutt outside of deadly force encounters.

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In other words, unless your life is in danger, do something that won’t involve putting your brain in harm’s way. That said, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about slamming someone with your melon. Here are a few tips for making sure you don’t do more harm than good if you’re forced to rely on your last resort …


Given the fact that the skull is basically a bony briefcase that protects the only brain you have, you’ll want to be careful where your headbutt lands.

“Aim for vulnerable portions of the face and skull, like the bridge of the nose, upper lip area, or temple region,” Dr. Desmoulin says. “These areas have lower tolerance to injury that other areas of the head, such as the forehead.”