The Science Of Getting Kicked In The Balls

The scrotum is a funny thing. Not just when drawn on a passed out friend’s forehead, but when considered as one of the most tender and sensitive targets on a man’s body. Why does a strike to the nuts hurt so much? We asked Dr. Muhammad Mizra, a certified men’s sexual health and erectile dysfunction specialist, and founder of, to explain. Then, maybe we asked him a few more questions. For our friends…

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Step 1:

Here comes the foot. No, not the Shredder’s army of thugs, the steel-toe Doc Martin aiming right at your tenders. “The moment the foot makes contact with the groin,” explains Dr. Mizra, “warning signals are sent to the brain at approximately 265 miles per hour. Signals from the brain are then sent down the spine and into the groin and abdominal area.”