The Three Best Day Trips from Long Beach, California

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Long Beach is a port town, an airport hub, and it is incredibly close to the pacific coast highway, all of which make it a traveller’s dream. Road trips are an American tradition, and whilst Long Beach is a great destination in its own right, it is also a great starting point.

Read on if you are looking for a few day trips that you can easily reach from Long Beach.

Before You Go

Before you set off on your travels, you need to make sure that you have the right vehicle. Echopark Automotive is a used car dealership in Long Beach; they have a great selection of used cars, most of which are still under their original factory warranty. Once you have the car, the journey will be a breeze. Depending on the destination that you choose, you may need to adjust your packing list. However, if you are only going for the day, you won’t need much, your wallet, phone and some snacks should do.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is west of Long Beach, and it is roughly a fifty-mile round trip which should take about an hour altogether. It is an upscale community that has a stunning stretch of beach and some great surfing spots. The Manhattan Beach Pier offers some truly breath-taking views for you to enjoy too. It has more of a laidback vibe, and there is a lot of nature and coastal enclaves to explore. Manhattan Beach is a relaxing place to spend the day.


Idyllwild is to the east of Long Beach, and it is the furthest away; it is over a two-hundred-mile round trip; this trip can take a couple of hours, so snacks and drinks are essential.  It is a hidden gem that most road trippers won’t experience. Idyllwild is a quaint little town that lies high up in the San Jacinto Mountains. The views are indescribable. Part of its charm is that it has managed to retain its small-town feel, with almost all of the shops and eateries being locally owned. It also has great hikes, which makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers. There are also campsites for those who do not want to commit to driving there and back in a day.

Laguna Beach

South of Long Beach, you will find Laguna Beach, it is a seventy-mile round trip, and the drive itself is great for those who love Californian coastal driving. You can expect to be travelling for over an hour altogether. Laguna Beach offers stunning sunsets, pacific outlooks, choice surfing and cute beach towns. You can wander around the town and see all that they have to offer in terms of shopping, or you might prefer to visit their renowned restaurants. There is a lot of choice in Laguna Beach.

In Conclusion

Long Beach is a great starting location for many road trips, but the three listed above are essential. They are all different, have their own draws, and are each suited to different moods but are all unmissable. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next day trip today.