It’s Official — Women Hate The Man Bun [Survey]

worst haircuts for men man bun

Two of the worst hairstyles for balding men are the Lobot and combover. (Click here for a larger list of the worst hairstyles for balding men.) When you see them, you cringe because you know the poor guy sporting either of those awful hairstyles is trying (and failing) to demonstrate that he’s not as bald as you think he is.

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And although guys with Fabio-style long hairstyles get a pass because women just love to gush over their flowing locks, they too can screw things up by mishandling their hairstyle. A survey of more than 1,000 women in the United States found that one of the worst hairstyles for men is the man bun. Sixty-three percent of the female surveyed said they loathe the man bun and it would affect their decision to go out with a guy.

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Other interesting info that came from the study were that a mere two percent of participants said they liked mustaches on guys, with 37 percent saying they like their men clean shaven.