This Is How Men Can Last Longer When Having Sex


Sex is an important part of any relationship, so you’ll need to last to satisfy your part.

Unfortunately, many men struggle with lasting in bed because it’s human nature to want to orgasm as quickly as possible. Although this helped men hundreds of years ago that didn’t have time to sit around having sex, it isn’t helping those that care about their sex lives today.

Although this may make you wonder how to last longer, you can do several things instead of asking, “How can a guy last longer?” Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you don’t have to worry about having sex because you’ll know exactly how to approach it.

Keep on reading to learn how men can last longer!

Take Things Slowly

When people search up tricks to last longer, one of the main tips they’ll get is that they need to take things slowly. This comes up so often because it’s an effective method that everyone who struggles to last should start using.

One problem that many men have in common is chasing an orgasm as quickly as possible. Not only does this make sex last a lot shorter, but it also doesn’t give your partner much pleasure. Pleasing your partner is important if you’d like to have a healthy relationship, so you’ll need to start slowing down.

The best way to take things slowly is to use a lot of foreplay. Foreplay is everything that leads up to sex, so spend more time doing it and ensure that you’re stimulating your partner as much as possible.

If you can, try to make them climax before you start having intercourse. This is highly effective with women because many of them don’t have orgasms with plain intercourse, so they’ll need the foreplay. 

When it comes to sex, stay calm and remember to breathe. An age-old trick that you can practice is to think about something that isn’t sex-related. Try not to think about an orgasm because that will do nothing but make you want to reach it quickly.

If you think you’re about to finish, stop what you’re doing and start stimulating your partner in other ways until you’ve cooled down.

Go for Multiple Rounds

Aside from chasing an orgasm, another problem many men have is that they’ll go one round and call it a day. If you haven’t made your partner climax, going one round will not be enough to satisfy them. While multiple rounds will require some work, you’ll get the hang of it as you start doing it more.

Men go through a long refractory period, which is essentially a time immediately after climaxing in which they can’t do it again. This refractory period is what causes many to give up because they feel as though they’re clocked out.

After you’ve climaxed, you’ll need to do more foreplay to keep yourself engaged in sexual activity and satisfy your partner. You’ll find that it’s easier to stay excited, getting you ready for another round of sex.

As soon as you’re comfortable, start having sex again. Your partner will be surprised and you’ll last a lot longer the second time because you’ll still be in somewhat of a cooldown period. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Most people underestimate what eating healthy food and exercising can do for the body. This is why so many people live unhealthy lifestyles that prevent them from feeling their best.

When it comes to sex, confidence will play a major role in how long you last. If you’re nervous while having sex, you may ejaculate prematurely because your body wants to get it done as quickly as possible. Building your confidence up will let you last longer and perform better in bed.

The point of living a healthy lifestyle is to help you build that confidence. You’ll feel a lot healthier and your body will become more attractive. This will make it easier for you to have sex without getting nervous about what your partner sees.

You can start by incorporating things like lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Try to drink mostly water. You can opt for black coffee, fruit juices, and teas, but stay away from carb-filled drinks like soda.

You don’t need to become a gym rat, but you should at least be walking or running daily. You can look up home workouts for basic routines to do without having to go out. 

Use the Right Condoms

When all else fails, you can invest in different condoms if you’ve tried everything else and still ask, “How can a man last longer during sex?”

Condoms come in a variety of different forms. Some are thin and flavored whereas others are thick and textured. The type of condom that a man who doesn’t last long will want to go for is one that numbs the penis.

Numbing condoms are a quick solution to those struggling to last because they have a lubricant inside that decreases the sensitivity of your penis. You can also buy wipes now that do the same thing. All you have to do is wipe your penis with them before having sex.

Now You Know How Men Can Last Longer

After reading this article, you no longer need to struggle with lasting while having sex. Understanding how men can last longer will improve your sex life and make your partner happier, so start using this advice from now on.

We encourage you to start doing things like living a healthier lifestyle and taking things slowly. Only after trying everything else should you start resorting to numbing condoms and/wipes, but most men don’t have to when taking other approaches. You can also try male enhancement pills.

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