Time to Update Your Winter Wardrobe


When the weather gets colder, it is time to dig your warm clothing out of storage. At this time, you may notice that some of these items are no longer idea in your wardrobe. Whether your body shape has changed, your old clothing items are worn down or are just out of date; this change marks an excellent time to update your wardrobe.

A Matter of Balance

The key to choosing winter clothing is to balance practicality with style. Of course, this means that you have to find clothing that’s up to the task of keeping you warm while actually looking good. If you’re at a loss for what’s stylish, the best plan is to choose classic items made out of warm fabrics:

  • Wool Blazers
  • Wool Suits
  • Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Sweaters

You should classify all of these items as part of your outer layer or the final layers you’ll wear outdoors or in cold areas. But if the difference between how to classify different layers will be explained in more detail below.

Layer Upon Layer

While it is easy enough to find a stylish winter parka that is so warm you could sleep in a snowbank, that kind of jacket is only going to be practical for the coldest of weather. And almost every winter experiences at least a few unusually seasonably warm days.

As the time-of-day changes or you engage in more vigorous activities, you’re going to require different levels of protection to compensate for these changes. You’ll also find yourself moving from location to location, each of which will contain a different level of heat. That’s where the strategy of layering your clothing comes in handy.

Creating a Base

The secret to successful layering begins with a quality base layer. Begin with some thermal winter socks for men for the ultimate warmth in your extremities. Next, add a base layer of thermal bottoms or long johns and a long-sleeve top with a turtleneck.

In most cases, you won’t usually be stripping down to your base layer in public, so it doesn’t have to look spectacular. But these items should be in great shape to be able to do their job keeping you warm.  


Your mid-layer refers to any clothing that you will wear between your base layer garments and your outermost layer. Since part of the purpose of layering your clothing is to allow yourself to strip layers off as needed, you’ll want to ensure you look good wearing these items.

If you expect to face various many different temperatures throughout the day, you can basically pile on as many mid-layers as you like, just so long as they don’t restrict your movement or impede your circulation.

Winter Fashion Trends for 2022

For the purposes of keeping warm, it is lucky that wool jackets, beanies, flannel shirts, and cable-knit sweaters are all looking trendy in 2022. It is probably no coincidence that a shift to options that are comfortable and warm has become popular immediately following months of mandated self-isolation; so, if you’re having trouble deciding on what to wear and want to make default choices in any one direction, lean towards the practical rather than looking showy.

The winter season is here, so there’s no time to wait to update your wardrobe for cold weather. Get started by ordering the warmest thermal socks and base layers you can find.