6 Non-Beanie Winter Accessories That Keep Your Ears Warm

gear for guys with cold ears

Maybe you have a job that demands that your hair look all nice and perty when you step into the warm office from the frigid cold temps of Hoth. Or maybe you just loathe the feeling of matted down hair after your beanie glues your hair to your dome. Either way, a screwed up head of hair is far better than frostbitten ears. So for guys who aren’t fond of hats but still want to keep their ears toasty, these products will suffice …

degrees 180 ear muffs for men#1. Degrees By 180s Mens Fleece Ear Warmers ($17 @ Amazon.com)
It’s like a reverse headband, which means you won’t look like a rejected cheerleader while wearing one of these. In fact, the 180s Men’s Fleece Ear Warmers wrap softly around the back of the head and are both collapsible and adjustable for size to keep your melon all snuggly-wuggly and your ears all comfy-womfy. That means even if you have a Stewie Griffin-sized head you’re covered — and for less than $20!

The 180s use a tec-fleece thermal shell that keeps out the wind and cold better than your standard muffs. For more nerdy tech guys who can’t walk, commute, or brave the elements without tunes or talking on their phone, there’s …
bluetooth headphones earmuffs for guys

#2. 180s Bluetooth II Ear Warmer Head Phone ($53 @ Amazon.com)
180s Bluetooth Ear Muffs combine warmth and beats with a sleek heat-trapping polyester wrap-around shell containing headphones that sync up with your Bluetooth device. These earmuffs will give you up to eight hours of music without sacrificing your ears to the cold.

pendleton ear muffs#3. Pendleton Men’s Ear Muff, Robertson Tartan, One Sizeir?t=mode0cd 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00JY7J3X0
In need of a snazzy set of ear muffs? Pendleton’s have a wool exterior with 100 percent microfleece ear covers. The traditional over-the-head design is kind of 8th grade girlish, but if you can pull it off — of you have the “eff you!” attitude of Billy Idol, go for it. The hydrophobic properties of microfleece are great for wicking away sweat and moisture and will keep your ears snug and stylish all winter.