The Right Way To Shave Your Own Head

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Head Shave

The shaved look on the right head — i.e. one that isn’t square or too pumpkin-shaped or suited with a giant dent — can provide a polished and more refined look. Especially if you’re balding and desperately attempting to hold onto your hair (and failing), shaving it makes sense.

“Gentlemen that are 55 or 60 years old, a lot of those guys feel like if they shave head they are giving up the fight,” says veteran barber Brian “Goose” Davis, owner of Legends The Barbershop in Los Angeles. “But guys 50 and under are recognizing that it’s way cooler and hip to just say, ‘Hey, I’m losing my hair and I’m not going to do the combover thing.’ This shows women confidence and that your hair doesn’t make or break you.”

Goose provided these tips for achieving the perfect head shave …

#1. Get Advice From An Expert
Why pay for a head shave? Because your head is different. “No head is created equal,” says Goose. “Some men have fat heads and fatty heads and lumpy and bumpy heads, some men have pointy head and some guys have round heads. And while there are ways to maintain the look at home, if you’re stepping out for an anniversary or something like that, having an expert to give you that polished look isn’t a bad idea.”

Goose told us that sometimes guys get him to shave their heads to get the ball rolling and then maintain. “Or when they’re getting themselves ready to step out for an anniversary or something, they’ll call on me to give them a more polished look,” says Goose. ”

#2. Gear Up
Before you make any moves, you need the right gear for the job, that includes an electric razor and a manual razor. “If the hair is still long, buzz the hair first and make sure [the remaining] hair is damp before applying shave cream and a using the manual razor,” Goose says.” His preference: Fusion ProGlide Razor With Flexball Handle Technology ($10 @ “With Flexball technology you don’t need to apply much pressure or have to worry about … snags or pulling on the scalp; it’ll glide smoothly through lumps and bumps, cracks and crevices,” Goose says.

panasonic beard trimmer head shaverAs for a trimmer or hair clippers, we like Panasonic All-in-One Hair Clipper & Beard Wet/Dry Trimmer ($35 @ It has 19 different length settings, works with dry or wet hair, and provides about an hour’s worth of juice per charge.

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Head Shave grain#2. Shave With The Grain
When guys apply shave cream they sometimes feel as if the direction in which they shave makes no difference. It does. “Shave with the grain and let the Flexball do its thing,” Goose advises.

superbalm scalp

#3. Moisturize
Especially during the cold-weather months, a bald head can get tight and dry. Which type of moisturizer you use depends on why type of hair you have. “If you have oily skin you might want one with less petroleum and grease in it,” he says. “When your skin is dry, you might look for something with a clean base.”

Consider: Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment ($40 @

tips for shaving your head#4. Put A Lid On It
A hat protects your arrector pili muscle, sebaceous gland, hair papilla are all affected by … okay, we’re bullshitting you. “You wear a hat because it’s cold and you want to protect yourself from the cold,” explains Goose. “You’re going to feel that windchill on your head if you don’t wear a hat.”

Consider any of these hats will suffice: Winter Hats That Won’t Make You Look Dopey