9 Tools That Should Be In Your Toolbag


The big dogs. The one and only for loosening stuck plumbing valves, shutting off your gas main, or pulling that nasty decayed tooth.
Cool tongue-and-groove pliers to own: ChannelLock Adjustable Tongue & Groove Jaw Pliers ($14)

level#8. LEVEL

From leveling off that new desk, table, or fridge, to getting that big flat screen hung right. Or just squaring up that old Keith Hernandez poster.
Cool level to own: Black & Decker SureGrip Laser Level ($27)

studfinder#9. STUD FINDER

To prevent your new plasma from crashing down in front of your eyes, you have to find a stud. It can be as simple as a large magnet or a battery operated one. We found a cheap one that will work for you. How do we know? We’re BFFs, duh.
Cool stud finder to own: CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder ($9)