TV Characters We’d Like To See Killed Off

Unknown2Ted Mosby | How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is loaded with talented comedic actors who play likable characters: the scene-stealing Neil Patrick Harris, movie star Jason Segel, and the adorable and funny tandem of Alyson Hannigan and Colbie Smulders. Josh Radnor, who plays the ostenisble central character Ted Mosby, is a blemish on the list. Over the years, Ted has transformed from a goofy nice guy in search of a wife into a needy, wheedling, whiny, entitled jerk who’s continuously unhappy despite a job as an architect and an active dating life full of exceptionally attractive women. The show would be instantly improved if Ted was killed and buried in the foundation of the next building he designs.Asian Sauces and Condiments

Unknown 61Lt. Maria LaGuerta | Dexter
Dexter has legions of fans who love the show, and I’ll bet you every last one of them hates LaGuerta (Lauren Velez), Dexter’s boss who brings the show to a grinding halt every time she’s on-screen. LaGuerta is terrible at her job: She’s constantly scheming (poorly), marrying co-workers, getting fired, and — most notably — presiding over a police unit that employs a g*ddamned serial killer. LaGuerta gets killed in the first of the Dexter books; it’s a shame the show didn’t follow suit.