TV News Bloopers So Good, We’d Almost Watch the News

news bloopers funnyUnless you’re an Internetless Luddite or 80 years old, you probably don’t feel the need to watch newscasts. After all, you already know the drill — if it bleeds it leads, then there’s an update on Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, then there’s a story about a cute dog beating the odds, and then there’s a weather forecast with a 98 percent margin of error.

So there’s really no reason to watch … except when there’s a hilarious mistake. Verbal gaffes, messed-up graphics, and unexpected faintings make newscasts fun to watch. Which is why we love these awesome newscast screw-ups.

“President Obama Is Dead!”
There are verbal slip-ups, and then there’s this guy mistaking the most wanted man in the world for the president of the United States.