Video: Shirtless Drunk Idiot Tackled By Alert Non-Drunk Guys

There are so many questions we have about this video:

#1. Did the drunk guy get into a fight with his T-shirt prior to charging the field?

#2. Why did he pour out the contents of the bottle? Was he trying to water the grass?

#3. What’s the drunk guy’s issue with belt loops?

#4. Was the man in the tan jacket a rodeo clown in a past life? His distraction techniques are on point.

#5. Will the guy who tackled the boozed-up lout from behind use this video clip as a tool to teach players proper tackling technique? We think this is a lock. Did you see the way the coach lowered his shoulder and continued to drive with his feet until the guy hit the ground? Too often a defender uses only their arms — referred to as an arm tackle — which allows for the offensive player with the ball, or in this case, a drunken skeeve, to escape their clutches.

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This video serves as another reminder that getting drunk in public if you’re going to act like a total dick is a terrible idea. Even more evident is that when you’re around a bunch of testosterone-fueled dudes in helmets and pads, and coaches who don’t like talking shit from anyone — drunk or sober — you’re going to get the fight you pick. And if you’re heavily outnumbered or you do not possess mutant strength like the Incredible Hulk, you’re going to lose the fight you picked.