Video: Dude’s Muscles Turn Into Concrete Blocks

Nothing wrong with hitting the weight hard to get bigger guns or a chiseled chest or six-pack abs. But there’s something wrong with injecting yourself with oil and alcohol in hopes of getting bigger muscles. Why is that, you ask? Well, because, as 25-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder Romario Do Santos Alves found out, when you do so in hopes of becoming The Incredible Hulk, you end up turning into The Thing from Fantastic 4 when he’s shirtless.

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Alves was obsessed with getting huge and did so, eventually building massiveĀ 25-inch arms. Then because of all the drugs he was using to get jacked up, his muscles turned to rocks. Not like hard, but hard like slabs of crag. Doctors told him they were going to have to amputate. Good thing those doctors followed up with a “Just kidding!” presumably in Portuguese. That was two years ago and as you can tell by the video, Alves still has boulders inside of his body. Gross.

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