Video: Dude Gets KOed, Stands Up, Does A Dance, Then Leaps Out Of The Ring

kickboxer knocked out video funny

If you’re a guy who trains to fight in a ring and you get knocked out with a wicked kick to the face, one way to play it off is to pretend like your face doesn’t feel as though a giant size 12-foot just broke your bones. That’s what most of us would do (well, most of us who aren’t crying that we just caught some dude’s plantar’s warts to the grill.)

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Or you can do what this dude opted to do, which was pretend as though getting knocked out was the way to win. It’s a bizarre 34 seconds that baffles the guy’s opponent the ref, announcers, and crowd before the probably-concussed loser goes all Rey Mysterio over the top rope onto a concrete floor. That’s 0-2 for the night, buddy.

While he was probably concussed — it was a monster kick to the head — we’re guessing the next few days with a bruised spleen and sore ribs will be more painful than his aching brain.

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