Video: Dude Shaves, Accidentally Goes Full Hitler

With Movember around the corner, it’s time for guys to start thinking about what style of lip-tickler they’re going to repulse women with in the name of raising money for cancer. And if you’re in need of inspiration, Israeli director Michael Mevorac can help you out. Well, sort of.

In his video The Mustache, Mevorac uses his electric razor to shave down his relatively bushy beard in stages. He begins by shaving in friendly muttonchops (aka “The Lemmy”) and doing a pretty good impersonation of poor-man’s Wolverine. He moves onto a nice bushy mustache, which turns him into Cuban Pete, the maramba king. Then things get a little … dark. He shaves in a Charlie Chaplin Michael Jordan Hitler mustache, and even styles his hair to match. (Pro tip: Since Mevorac is Israeli, we can only assume that Israelis love Hitler jokes, so if you ever visit, feel free to make plenty of them!)

Mevorac’s electric shaver then predictably craps out, and hilarity ensues — including some attempts to pull off the mustache that will make your eyes water — as he must rush to a coffee date with an attractive woman while … well, while looking like Hitler. Hey, we’ve all been there!