What Are Some of the Most Common Fetishes?


Did you know that 33% of the most common fetishes relate to certain body parts? The most common include feet and weight.

Another common but typically unknown fetish includes arousal around objects related to the body like shoes. This accounts for about 30% of fetishes. 

Coregasm, an orgasm occurring during exercise, occurs in about 10% of the population. 40% of women between ages 20 to 49 have participated in anal sex. 

Sexual fetishes vary and as long as there’s continuous consent from everyone involved, enjoying them is completely normal. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common fetishes. 

Impact Playing Is Common 

The most common type of impact play is spanking but it can also include sexual arousal to paddling and other types of hits. A partner might enjoy a simple slap on the rear or might get turned on by getting hit with a whip. 

As with all fetishes, practicing while communicating consent and boundaries clearly is crucial. All participants must talk about the level of intensity they prefer before any spanking or hitting begins. 

While this activity is typically safe, it’s better to focus the impact on areas like the butt or thighs. This avoids any hits that can lead to injury like hitting the lower back. 

Bondage Is a Well Known Fetish 

Next on our list of common fetishes is bondage. This might be one you’re interested in exploring in your sex life.

Bondage is a form of restraining during sexual activity. This could mean that you like being tied up or you might be more turned on by tying your partner up. 

There are many different sex toys you can use when practicing bondage including handcuffs and rope. Bondage can be practiced with anything from a tie or scarf as well. 

Voyeurism Is a Fetish 

While getting turned on by watching porn is a type of voyeurism, this fetish is more associated with sexual arousal when physically seeing someone participating in sexual activity. 

Voyeurism can include watching a couple or multiple people have sex or even watching your partner masturbate and sexually arouse themselves. Only hearing other people having sex is another form of voyeurism or having their sexual experience described to you. 


Sexual fetishes can include watching yourself have sex as well. Katoptronophilia isn’t about watching your own sex tape though. This fetish is all about performing sexual acts in front of a mirror. 

Whether you watch yourself masturbate or get turned on by seeing yourself and your partner have sex through the mirror, these fetishes are more common than you’d think. 

If you’re interested in katoptronophilia you might consider adding mirrors in your bedroom that weren’t there before, even on the ceiling above your bed. 

Role-Playing in the Bedroom 

Role-playing is a type of performance where you can act out some of the sexual fantasies you have with a consenting partner or partners. A specific role-playing scenario may be done once or can continue through your sexual interactions with your partner. 

Some common role-play scenarios include the doctor/patient fantasy or the professor and student one. Fantasizing about having sex with a doctor or professor could lead to something inappropriate in real life but having your partner dress up and pretend is a way to live out that fantasy in the bedroom. 


Next on our list of fetish examples is urophilia. This is exactly what it sounds like, being aroused by urine. While there are different ways to include urination in sexual acts, the most common fetish is sexual arousal from urinating on a partner or being urinated on by a partner. 

There are many sex toys on the market if you want the complete sensation of urination without actually urinating on a partner. You can find a cheap REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX for sale and start exploring this fetish. 

Dominant and Submissive Power Play 

While bondage might fall under the same umbrella, dominant and submissive play in sex is about dominating a partner during sex. Consent and boundaries are vital conversations to have before participating in this fetish. 

Common activities in this fetish include the dominant partner choking, tying up, slapping, or calling their submissive partner names during sex. You might always prefer being the dominant partner or might enjoy changing positions with your partner. 


This fetish is one of the most common and can refer to same-sex or different-sex attraction. Anililagnia is a fetish where you’re only attracted or aroused by a woman who’s much older than you. 

If this fetish relates to you, you know that you aren’t attracted to people from your own age group and prefer to seek partners with more maturity. 

The Popular Foot Fetish 

This list of common sexual fetishes can’t be completed without mentioning the popular foot fetish. Whether you’re interested in it or not, you’ve likely heard of this term before. 

This fetish includes being aroused by a partner’s feet and participating in acts that include massaging, smelling, and kissing your partner’s feet. You might even just be turned on by seeing or thinking about feet. 

Foot fetishes can vary and include all kinds of activities relating to feet. You might be aroused by giving a partner a pedicure. Seeing or smelling your partner’s shoes and being aroused by them is also quite common. 

Cuckolding Isn’t Just a Shakespearean Term 

Cuckolding is a common word seen in Shakespearean plays but it’s also one of the most common examples of fetishes. Cuckolding relates to heterosexual couples although same-sex couples can participate in a form of it too.

This fetish includes both partners consenting to the female having sex with other men. There is an aspect of humiliation here where the man gets turned on by watching or just hearing about their partner having sex with another man.

The Most Common Fetishes Explained 

This list of fetishes includes some examples you might have tried or some you’d like to try with a partner. Foot fetishes and role-playing are some of the most common fetishes. Make sure you check out some of the other blogs on our site to learn more.