What Are the Biggest Turn Ons for Women?


If you want to have more sex, there’s a simple thing you can do. That would be to turn on your partner. If they’re shy, new, or you just want to surprise them it might be helpful to know the biggest turn ons common in women. 

Remember that all people are different, so don’t assume this is a one size fits all suggestion. Take it as a suggestion of how to arouse a woman. 

A Sensual Massage 

Nothing sets the mood quite like a relaxing and sexy massage. Try mixing in some sensual smelling massage oils and turning down the lights. Take your time, and don’t pressure your partner to have sex if she doesn’t feel like it afterward. 

Hair Pulling

This is defiantly one you should ask first on. Surprise hair pulling can also be a turn-off. However, lots of women find a light hair grab to be a big turn on. 

Kissing All Over

Kissing is a huge part of early courtship for good reason. It’s a very common turn on, especially for women. If you’ve been together for awhile and want to spice it up, try taking extra time to kiss her all over. 

If you’re with a newer partner, be sure to try kissing her neck. 

Try Compliments

Don’t forget to compliment your partner. Be specific about what you enjoy about having sex with her. Tell her she’s gorgeous, that she smells amazing, or that you love the way she looks when she’s on top of you.

Compliments are a great way to feel more comfortable and in the moment during sex, and confidence can be the biggest turn on for all genders. Help her feel it.

Pay Attention

Having a partner who doesn’t seem to be paying attention is a turn off in a lot of ways. Not only will they not learn what you enjoy, but it starts to feel like they’re only in it for their own pleasure. 

Ask your partner what she wants, and then really listen. Pay attention to how she reacts to things she does during sex and before. Look for the physical signs of her interest and learn to understand the response cycle. 

Good Grooming 

One of the biggest turn ons for women is smell, so make sure you’re showerings regularly. Beyond that, many women site good fitting clothes and groomed public hair as a turn on. 

Taking some time to consider the basics of your appearance and smell won’t just turn your partner on. It can also make you feel more confident, which is of course its own turn on. Plus, it just feels good to know you look nice. 

Women’s Biggest Turn Ons

Hopefully, this gave you a great place to start if you want to please your partners. Remember confidence, grooming and communication are way bigger turn ons than any one act. If you liked this article please read on. We’ve got even more ways to improve your sex life