What Her Lipstick Color Says About Her Personality


We used psychologists take on color and personality to determine what your lipstick color says about you when you’re wearing it. Now, does it describe you all of the time? Of course not. Unless you’re a madman or woman, you’re not 100 percent anything all of the time. Well, except male or female. And a human being. Point is, here’s what lipstick color says about your personality …

brown lipstick


These individuals love to feel safe and secure; they also tend to be reliable and hardworking. Wearing it on your lips not only matches your outfits, but tells passersby that you’re a person who finds comfort among small circles of family and friends.

dark red lipstick

Dark Red:

You’re intense. They are precise, direct, and unafraid to take charge of difficult situations. Covering your lips in dark red displays  extreme confidence and the enjoyment of physical activity. You’ll do just about anything to get ahead — and won’t allow other people to get in your way. 
nude lipstick


You’re a nature lover. Obvious, right? Hey, don’t blame us, blame experts for being predictable. You’ve got a good grasp on yourself emotionally and aren’t impressed by fame or wealth. These personalities are confident and self-reliant. That’s the good news. The bad? Nude colors tend to be viewed as boring, or Plain Jane.

ruby red lipstick

Ruby Red:

Along with being a head-turner — ruby red is an attention-grabber — you’re drawn to others with similar senses of excitement. A ruby red personality demands respect but may be seen as arrogant.