How To Stop
Getting Old

How To Stop Getting Older

You’re going to get old. You can’t do anything about that unless you make a deal with the devil or find a vial of super-soldier serum. That’s the bad news; the good news is that you can prevent yourself from looking and feeling as old as you are. Look at guys like George Clooney and Eddie Murphy. They look almost the same as they did when they were working on ER and picking up transvestite prostitutes. And you can be too!

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A few tweaks to your lifestyle can help you avoid going limp in bed, clogging your shower drain with hair, and having skin like like Danny Trejo’s bulldog. Best of all, our remedies don’t involve chemicals or surgery.  

How To Stop Getting Old

Erectile dysfunction affects roughly 20 million dudes in the United States. Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low testosterone, heart disease, diabetes, smoking cigarettes, drug use, and obesity are all contributing factors of ED. But instead of popping a Viagra or suffering through a bite from a Brazilian wandering spider (seriously, it’s an impotence cure), it might be easier and cheaper to revamp your diet.

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Replace the lousy foods you eat that have high fat, sodium, or sugar with healthier alternatives like broccoli, spinach, fish, flaxseed, walnuts, and eggs. The swap should help keep the arteries near the corpora cavernosa healthy in the longterm and increase blood flow to your penis.

Oh, and get more exercise — studies have linked a sedentary lifestyle to ED. Plus, even if you are able to get it and keep it up, dudes who don’t exercise regularly are 2.7 times more likely to die of a massive heart attack during sex than guys who do exercise.