What is considered a soft 17 in blackjack?

The soft 17 blackjack is the main algorithm for the gambling table. It reveals: how the dealer plays a combination with a total of soft 17.


This rule is one of the main ones, it deserves to be considered in detail in a separate blog. To describe all the details, there is no need to spend a lot of words, but it is still necessary to analyze it. So, in order to understand what is a soft 17 blackjack we have prepared the most compact and simple guide. We are grateful to Mr. Thompson, a casino expert who works for the Slotsspot web project, for helping us understand the blackjack rules. It is enough to read this note once to understand:

  1. Notes of most experts on this topic.
  2. Card counters.
  3. Rules of the game.

Hard hands and soft hands

This article does not decipher all the details of the rules that are established in the game of blackjack. But you still need to draw a line between hard hands and soft hands. It is required to understand the difference between them.

Blackjack starts with the basic things: the distribution of two cards to the player and the dealer. The one who has the largest amount of points, then wins. The condition is simple, the amount of points should not exceed the cherished figure: 21.

If the sum “22” falls out, it means a loss. All cards have corresponding numbers from 2 to 10 points. Ten points each has:

  1. Jack.
  2. Queen
  3. King

The ace is in a privileged position. Sometimes there are situations when it is estimated at 1 point. But it can also cost 11 points. If there are no aces, it means: a hard total. Total always means only total, not more, but not less.

If the player has a jack and 3, then the amount is small, only 13, there is no maneuver.

If you have one ace and 3 points on your hands, then the total amount will be 14 (soft total).

The strategy for a player with a soft hand is opposed to a hard hand. It differs quite radically. If there is an additional level of protection from violations, it is better to play more aggressively in order to achieve at least an average result. It’s not difficult to do this, but you need to know some rules. For those who think that the rules of the game is too complicated, then for such players there are great alternative free online casino games. To choose among the many new online casinos, you should first research the expert reviews of each of the casino brands. This will help the player get detailed information about the terms of deposit or withdrawal, as well as choose the right casino game for them.

The Dealer’s Rules for Playing Blackjack Hands

The player can choose during the process:

  • Stop;
  • Beat;
  • Split up;
  • Increase the bid.

It is not necessary to pay attention to the dealer. He can think anything, the main thing is to continue the game. In this case, you can be guided by logical or mathematical conclusions.

The dealer does not have the opportunity to play a hand, follow his own conclusions

There is an instruction in the casino: how dealers are required to play hands. An important rule indicates: as handled by a total of 17 dealers. The dealer always scores 16 points (or less), always sets 17 or more. This is good news for the player, it refers to soft 17.

The rule does not take into account what the result is: soft or hard. At some playing tables, you need to collect the sum of 17 points. (At the same time, we do not forget that the soft sum of 17 is a combination in which an ace must necessarily be present. At the same time, it can be considered as 1 or 11, it depends on what is profitable. For the casino, this improves the position, for the player it worsens, the chances of winning decrease. All this together affects the schemes of building the game in each round. More details will be discussed in the next two chapters.

Change of strategy based on the Soft 17 law

When playing this beautiful game, there is only one method to play a combination according to the department that can bring the desired result. When compiling a table of all possible outcomes, you analyze the algorithm of the game, thereby forming the so-called basic strategy. The authors of the game take exactly such algorithms as a basis when analyzing the level of success in blackjack.

Most users do not pay attention to such conclusions. The advantage of a gambling establishment is only 0.56%. The real prize is no more than 5%

This is because many players DO NOT use a perfect strategy and actually make mistakes.

However, the basic strategy changes depending on the conditions and rules of the blackjack game you are playing.

In a game where the dealer chooses a soft 17, the correct basic strategy changes, but not too much. Much changes if doubling tactics are used. When the dealer scores 17, it is required in this case to make a bet twice as much on 11(when the dealer shows an ace, the bet must be made twice as much). It is required to double the bid if there is a soft 19, and the dealer has 6. The soft bid of 18 will be doubled if the dealer has 2 points.

It is important how many decks are involved in the game. If the game is played with one deck, you can get 18 points (if the dealer has an ace). If there are more than four decks, then the bet on soft 17 doubles against dealer 2.

The edge of the house what it can be if the law of Soft 17 is located in the foundation

The casino counts on a certain percentage of each bet, this is the strength and benefit. In the long run, it will win. The outcome can be different, in a short period of time

If we say that the advantage is 0.56%, it means that the house will win an average of 56 cents from the sum of bets of $ 100.

Given this data, you can calculate the cost of an hour in any game. The question depends:

The number of bids per hour

  1. Medium size
  2. Home advantage.
  3. Everything is then multiplied and the result is obtained.
  1. If there is a game with an average bet of $ 20.
  2. The coefficient of the house is 0.56%.
  3. You can distribute 70 times per hour.

Then the result will be as follows: $ 20 x 70 x 0.56% = $7.84/hour

If the data changes (if the dealer gains 17 points), they affect the house advantage (0.2%). At first glance, the amounts seem small, but the proportions look like this:

  1. 0.56% and 0.76%
  1. 2.7.84 and 10.64 dollars per hour.
  2. The difference is 1.5 times

It is worth remembering this when buying a ticket for 7.84 and 10.64, for example, Many users are sure that the rule stands for the player, is on his side. Do not forget about the “hand”, at any moment the dealer can compensate for the loss.

According to Mike Aponte, if you stand on soft 17, you need to play with a 6-deck game.

If the dealer occupies position 17, the probability 14,63% (18).

  1. 2. 14,05% (19).
  2. 18,86% (20).
  3. 7,65% (21).

The possibility of a match is 29.61% .

If the dealer dials soft 17, then the probability of 14,84% (18)

  1. 14,26% (19).
  2. 19,08% (20).
  3. 7,87% (21).

It will break down in 30% of cases.

The possibility of a negative result increases by 0.4%. The possibility that the dealer will improve the result increases by 0.8%, which is a factor of 2 in favor of the casino


Rule 17 must be known in order to be well versed in the details. It seems that the game is simple, but as a result of manipulations, the advantage of the casino increases.

The overall strategy is also changing, the changes seem minimal, but experienced players milk every 1/100 of 1% out of the game. If you play for a long period, the difference will increase, this leads to the loss of the user.