The Differences Between A Bartender and Mixologist

Do you know the differences between a bartender an a mixologist? We thought they were the same thing — like calling a tissue a Kleenex — and it turns out we were wrong. So we asked Brent Lamberti, National Brand Ambassador, elit by Stolichnaya, to school us on the subtle differences that separate one master craftsman from the other, based on five specific areas of question.

However, we’ll need to see your ID before you read on …

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For the public, the recent rise in popularity of “cocktail culture” makes the term “mixologist” the barroom equivalent of tacking “PhD” after your name. But according to Lamberti, while the differences between a bartender and a mixologist are somewhat rooted in experience, the two professions rely on similar basics.

“Both bartenders and mixologists have to be able to perform multiple and mutual skill sets. Aspects such as crowd control, customer relations, money handling, are important for anyone behind a bar. Neither job is excluded from the basics.”