YouTube’s Best Advice For Fathers

A big part of being a good dad is bestowing advice to your children about how to be better human beings. In fact, dads are always being asked for great fatherly advice. But who gives advice to dads for how to be great dads? Uh … okay, sure, there are tons of books and websites written and run by experts, and they claim to do the job. But what do a bunch of people with PhDs and whatnot know about being dads? We prefer to get our advice from a far more reliable source: YouTube.

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So here you go, dads. In honor of Father’s Day, we put together some of our favorite teaching moments for dads from YouTube. Whether it’s popping bullets into laptops to show the perils of online disobedience, or catching gigantic spiders with your face, or knowing the peril of trusting your bratty kids not to shock the hell out of you with a car battery, these videos featuring dear ol’ dads are full of useful fatherly advice. Happy Father’s Day!

Always wear a helmet when you skateboard in the living room.

Guns don’t solve problems … except for when your child is mean to you on Facebook.