Why Are Men Turning To Cosmetic Procedures To Impress Others

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It is no news that there are specific standards that determine beauty nowadays. It is also not news that to achieve the standards, many people have turned to exercises, and others have embraced surgery to give them a look that exercising cannot offer. Although the craze for plastic surgery first began with women, the world has already started to witness men taking a more avid interest in cosmetic procedures.

While this article will discuss seven reasons why men are turning to cosmetic procedures, it is essential to note that some people do not go about it the right way, ending up with cosmetic jobs that often leave them far more displeased and nowhere near the goal they aimed for. This is why experienced surgery experts like Dr. Pirani at the Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre and several other competent doctors take their time to give clients and customers what they desire in a safe environment. 

If you are wondering why the culture of going under the knife to achieve some body modifications is growing among men in recent times, this article is set to answer your question. Below, we have listed some of the most likely reasons why more men are considering cosmetic surgery. Read on to discover more.

  1. To attract a partner:

A man in the dating world might seek to alter his appearance to look younger or more attractive in a bid to attract a potential mate. This is most likely to happen if he is seeking someone far younger or is in the same circle as more youthful and attractive men.

Usually, this happens when a man who just got divorced or widowed is seeking companionship again. They might feel intimidated by the looks and physique of the men in the dating world and decide to go through cosmetic procedures to make specific changes like Botox treatments for men, liposuction, or other cosmetic measures to make certain parts of their body free from sagging and wrinkles.

2. Insecurity:

Because beauty standards today are rising and we tend to worship those ideologies, it can cause low self-esteem in specific individuals. They can no longer stare at their reflection in the mirror without pointing out flaws or blemishes. This causes severe insecurity and low self-esteem.

Many men turn to cosmetic procedures like liposuction, nose job, and fillers to make their facial features symmetrical. Some men also undergo surgery for hair loss replacement. However, all of these are done to make up for perceived inadequacies and eliminate their insecurities.

3. Aging:

Some men fear the natural changes that come with getting older. They fear the drooping skin, the wrinkles, and the lines that show the natural progression of an aging man. This is especially true if they had good looks during their mid-twenties. So, in a bid to counter the effects of aging on their body or immortalize their good looks, they often opt for cosmetic procedures.

4. Profession:

In professions like modeling, youthful appearance is a crucial factor. When models or actors get old and begin to show telltale signs, they slowly go out of business. During this time, many of them turn to plastic surgery to extend their careers. To achieve this, they put off the effect of aging for as long as possible through fillers, Botox, skincare, and the likes.

5. Partners:

In relationships, a man might consider cosmetic procedures if his partner says it will be good for him. Cosmetic surgery is sometimes done to please the partner or out of curiosity to see what the result will look like. A man can also see the result of a cosmetic surgery done on his wife and decide that he likes it and desires the same result for himself.

6. Overall perception:

Studies have shown that certain cosmetic procedures can allow a man to be viewed differently, affecting his perceived masculinity, attractiveness, and personality. For example, a facelift can increase his chances of being liked and being viewed as trustworthy. A neck lift would make him be considered to be an extrovert, and a job done to the nose increases perceived attractiveness.

7. Vanity:

While most people do it to fit into society, keep their jobs, please a partner, or keep their good looks, some do it for vanity. To stand in front of the mirror each day and admire how they look, pleased at what they see, or to have a random stranger walk up to them and tell them just how fabulous they look.


Whatever the reasons may be, we are likely to see the numbers of men going for cosmetic procedures increase in the next few years. So, brace up and get ready for it!