Why You Should Switch to Plant Based Protein Now

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Health issues are a growing global problem with the advent of processed products and fast food meat. That is why many people have started to go vegan in their diet.

A common misconception in having a plant-based diet is that they are deficient in protein. That could not be more untrue.

You can get the protein you need from plants. Well, one can even say that plant based protein has more benefits than the protein we get from animals.

Here are the five best benefits of plant based protein that you need to know:

1. Increased weight loss

If you’re not a bodybuilder, weight loss is most likely one of the reasons why you started looking out for what you eat. Plant-based protein will surely help you more in this department than animal-based protein.

Plant-based protein has lower calories than animal-based protein, and we both know that calories dictate how our weight turns out. This means, consuming plant-based protein won’t interfere much with your calorie count, ensuring a smoother path to weight loss.

2. Feel more active and energetic

Your typical protein sources vary, and their digestion also happens differently. With plant-based proteins, their digestion and breakdown take a lot longer.

What does this mean?

It means that you’ll feel fuller a little bit longer, and you can say goodbye to fluctuations in blood sugar levels and appetite.

It also means that your body won’t be spending much energy on digestion, and you can use that excess energy in other activities. That’s partly the reason why those who consume plant-based proteins feel more energised than others. 

Plant-based proteins are full of essential fatty acids, ensuring that our body’s energy storage capacity is at its best.

Who needs energy drinks when we have plant-based proteins?

3. Better Digestion

Plant-based proteins are very high in fibre, making it your ideal partner in your goal to avoid tummy-related issues. The last thing we want is having that discomfort while at work.

Fibre also helps you feel full, taking away that urge to stuff yourself with anything you can find.

4. More nutrients and minerals

For your body to be in its optimal state, you need all the vitamins and minerals it can get. You can usually find this in your everyday diet (assuming it’s well-balanced).

Plant-based proteins are a great source of these nutrients as its nutrient density is far higher than animal-based protein. It’s also well known that nutrients from plant sources can be absorbed by your body faster, and you’ll feel the benefits quicker.

Plant-based proteins have higher amounts of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants compared to animal-based protein. So if you’re looking for a more well-balanced nutritional composition, you know which protein to go for.

5. Boost your immune system

What good is a rocking body when our immune system is not in the best shape? Plant-based proteins are high in fibre and vitamins, ensuring that we get enough protection against all kinds of sickness and infection.

Where to get plant-based proteins?

Plant-based proteins can be found in protein-rich plants such as lentils, soy, chickpeas, broccoli, hemp, green peas, peanuts, almonds, kale, and so much more.

But if you feel that it’s not that easy to find or incorporate these foods into your daily meals, you can invest in plant-based protein powders as they offer more versatility.

You don’t need to go vegan. You can stay as healthy and fit as possible with the right amount of plant-based protein.