Here’s Why Your Balls are So Sweaty and Smelly

ball powder

Men’s Grooming Products That Can Help Your Nuts:

Well, as you may have gathered, the tip of the day is to keep your balls dry. To help you do that, here are a few products that should do the trick.

Jack Black Dry Down ($20)

Once you apply the Jack Down powder, you’ll notice an immediate super-fresh feeling and, yes, it’ll keep that particular part of your body dry, keeping any moisture at bay.

Fresh Balls by Fresh Body ($12)

This lotion is applied easily and won’t leave any residue. It also leaves the skin smooth and successfully eliminates moisture.

Matte for Men Manpowder ($22)

The sole purpose of Manpowder is to absorb any sweat and moisture that has accumulated, and simultaneously it makes the skin feel smooth once you apply it.