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10 Amazing Football Stadiums … Made From Food

We don’t expect you to make any of these stadiums made out of food before Super Bowl XLIX, but we do expect you to appreciate them.

By ModernMan Editors

10 Amazing Super Bowl Stadiums … Made Out Of Food blimp

#3. Hypertension Stadium
There are plenty of carbs to soak up booze, and even a few veggie options to relieve some of the guilt you’ll feel after shoving so much saturated fat down your gullet. The cheese and olives players are a nice touch, as is the beer can blimp.

10 Amazing Super Bowl Stadiums … Made Out Of Food dip

#4. Fútbol Americano Dip-0 Stadium-o
One, only weirdos use a condiment with Cheez Doodles. Two, the Rice Krispie Treat walls are also incongruous with the other snack elements. Did the engineers never hear of pita bread? Point is, our money is on the team wearing the yellow cheese helmets.