10 Ways Guys Wear Baseball Hats (And What Each Style Says About Them)

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ways guys wear hats The No. 1 way to wear your baseball cap is to have the bill l (or brim) facing forward; it's like the missionary position of hat wearing — there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not super exciting and doesn't allow you to express anything about your personality. Also: 12 Hilarious Old Baseball Cards [Photo Gallery] With numerous angles to position your bill (okay, fiiiiine, brim!), there are numerous ways to enlighten passersby as to who you are and what you're all about.

low right side #2. What it says about you: You probably wear a patch on your right eye.   low left side #3. What it says about you: Your peripheral vision is excellent.

up high #4. What it says about you: You're no stranger to yanking on cow teets.   high on head #5. What it says about you: You have no shame in putting your split ends on display.   low #6. What it says about you: You're a shithead.