11 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Before A Flight

If you’re flying this holiday season, skip these films featuring spectacular plane crashes … unless you have a parachute in your carry-on bag.

By Audrey Fine

More than 43 million people are expected to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. Not all of them will board airplanes, but the ones who do are encouraged to guffaw at movies like The Hangover instead of watching something that includes any sort of in-flight disturbance or disaster. However, if you have a few extra Xanax and plan to enjoy a few cocktails before boarding, by all means enjoy …

ALIVE (1993)
Slamming into the Andes Mountains is bad enough, but having to feast on your dead friends’ ass meat to stay alive might be a fate worse than death. (If it does happen, keep the “tastes like chicken” jokes to yourself.)   

Whether you make it off the plane moments or hours before a horrific wreck, you’re bound to suffer from survivor’s guilt. And unlike the people in this movie, you won’t have Death stalking you for “cheating fate.” (Seriously, that’s the plot.)

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