The 12 Dumbest Petitions at

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The 12 Dumbest Petitions at lightbulb 10. "Give us back our incandescent light bulbs! We, the undersigned, want the freedom to choose our own lightbulbs." Signatures: 1,799 So you, ahem, see a problem with energy-efficient, long-lasting light bulbs that will save you money? You know, why don't you guys stick your finger in a socket instead. 11. "Legally recognize the tea party as a hate group and remove them from office for treason against the United States." Signatures: 1,731 Funnily enough, this is as crazy as some of the wackadoos in the Tea Party. 12. "Shut down White House petitions, since they never get a sincere response, few read them, & they are ultimately worthless" Signatures: 1,102 We 1,103rd that motion.