Tips For Choosing The Best Shampoos For Your Hair

best shampoos for men

When you’re buying shampoo, is your strategy to find the cheapest bottle in the drug store that says “Shampoo”? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. While shampoos all perform a pretty straightforward task — get your hair clean —most guys spend little to no time thinking about which shampoo is best for their hair. We’re not talking hours, but a quick rundown of what you need can go a long way. For example, drugstore shampoos have harmful chemicals called sulfates, which strip your hair of natural oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. If you have thinning hair, those are shampoos you want to skip. Here are some other options …

BUDGET: Want to save a few bucks and still have a clean head of hair? Selsun Blue ($9 @ is an old standard that still gets the job done.

DRUGSTORE PURCHASE: For a sulfate-free drugstore pickup go with TIGI Bed Head Men Clean Up Shampoo ($25 for 2 @ Warning: It comes in a hot pink tube, but it’s unisex.

TWO-IN-ONE: A great two-in-one shampoo for men is Paul Mitchell Mitch Double Hitter Sulfate-Free 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner ($33 @ It’ll get the job done while leaving your hair feeling full and smelling fresh. Oh, it’s also sulfate-free. Bonus!

ITCHY SCALP: Try Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo ($25 @, which is clinically proven to soothe irritated scalp, while leaving your hair smelling of citrus, vetiver and lavender.

BRITTLE HAIR: When your hair feels as pleasant as hay, give a nod to AXE Max Hydrate ($7 @ The key ingredient is kukui nut extract, which along with vitamins A, C, and E leaves your hair and scalp feeling fresh and moisturized.  If you’re hesitant to give AXE a try because of its reputation as a product for young horndogs, give this a try; we’re sure it’ll surprise you as much as it surprised us.

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