15 Ways To Flip Off Jerks

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15 Ways To Flip Off Jerks Homer Simpson middle finger

Human beings have been flipping off each other for centuries. When the gesture was used in Ancient Greece and Rome, the middle finger represented the penis, and the knuckles were stand-ins for balls. As years passed, middle-finger artists honed and perfected the craft, putting their own unique stamps on the gesture.

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That’s why today there are as many ways to give the middle finger as there are middle fingers on your hands. Wait … no, there are way more, actually. And so in honor of World Middle Finger Day — but really just because we wanted to flip the bird with impunity all over the office — we’ve come up with our favorite ways to flip off those we hate. If you have other methods you particularly enjoy, please let us know in the comments.


15 Ways To Flip Off Jerks Full Mast

Universally obscene. Even if you did this to an alien who had just landed on earth 8 seconds ago and who possessed tentacles instead of hands and fingers, that alien would be all, “Hey, what’s your problem?!”