4 Ways To Make Your Bed More Comfy

Getting a good night’s rest can make you more energetic and productive, and cause you to act less like a cantankerous jerk.

By Michael Irons

They’re cheaper than buying a new mattress and come with varying levels of thickness — 1.5-5.5 inches — that enable you to choose the level of softness you want to crash on. A good place to score a deal is Overstock.com. The downside is you can’t physically touch the mattress pad before buying. You can always visit a mattress store or a Khol’s and see the size and type you want, then use your smartphone to check Overstock and see if you’re getting the best deal. A three-inch pad from Serta will run you $135 on Overstock; Amazon has the same one listed for $149.

Whether you go with down (which is made from the undercoating found beneath the feathers on ducks and geese) or an alternative like rayon or polyester, the right comforter can be the last piece to the puzzle. Obviously, down material will cost more, but the return compared to the synthetic isn’t all that big. Natural Comfort’s comforter is 100 percent polyester and is hypoallergenic. Expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $75 on a decent comforter.

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Steven Wright (Wed, 02 Apr 2014 01:08:34 +0000): As someone who has been to where that top image was taken...I get that it makes the point about an "uncomfortable bed" in a humorous way, I guess, but man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuol_Sleng_Genocide_Museum


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