8 Pairs Of Socks For Guys
Who Have Feet

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Wearing shoes without socks can translate into room-clearing foot stank. In other words, if you own feet and shoes, you should also own plenty of socks. And yes, they should absolutely be socks that match. But shopping for socks totally socks, er, sucks. That’s why we did it for you.

A casual/formal hybrid men’s sock …

hook albert socks#1. hook+ALBERT ($30 @ Amazon.com)

Hook + ALBERT offer countless sock styles that are versatile enough for everything from a formal dinner date to a casual office environment to a formal-casual funeral. Each sock features a Y-stitched heel, arch-support band, and Peruvian pima cotton. Truth be told, we have no idea what the hell that type of cotton is, but we tried these puppies on and our dogs stopped barking. To put it in a more distinguished tongue — they’ll keep your tootsies feeling comfy-womfy.

*Hook + ALBERT socks are also in the lead image.

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shark socks for men#2. K. Bell Men’s Shark Socks ($6-$28 @ Amazon.com)

Nothing wrong with flashing some personality with your socks. K. Bell offers cool options like shark socks (pictured), piranha, alligators, and a school of fish. All pairs consist of a 60 percent cotton, 38 percent polyester, and 2 percent spandex blend.

These types of socks can be used as a conversational tool if someone recognizes what you’re wearing. Just do yourself a favor: don’t call attention to the fact that you’re wearing vanity socks. Let it happen organically or you risk reeking of desperation. Or worse yet, coming off all Gob Bluth with his expensive suits …