6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

A serial cheater tells us why she was unfaithful with three of her boyfriends, and why she can’t guarantee she won’t cheat again.

By JL Scott

6 reasons why women cheat

I’ve cheated on boyfriends. Three of them. One of them knew, and two of them never found out. When I talk about my cheating phase with friends, I make it sound like I’ve learned my lesson, and that I’ll never do it again. And for the most part, I have. But I also know that I’m easily tempted.

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This is something I should probably discuss with a therapist — as well as a significant other, when that situation presents itself — but for right now, I can honestly say that I can’t promise I won’t cheat again. That said, I also can’t tell you whether your girlfriend will cheat or her reasons for cheating in the past. What I can tell you is what went through my head when I cheated … and why I kept doing it.

Why Women Cheat #1: It’s An Easy Way To End A Relationship
No one feels good about cheating. But fooling around on the side can be an easier way to end a relationship than dealing with the mess of a breakup, especially when there’s no “good” reason for the breakup to occur. It might make you the villain, but it gets you out of a relationship in a hurry. I’ve pulled the trigger on a dating situation that way before.

We’d been dating for six months and I knew it wasn’t working. So I started dating other guys while we were still supposed to be exclusive. I ended the relationship by letting him know I met someone else. The cheating happened because, in my mind, the relationship had already ended.

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