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7 Picks For An All-Female Expendables Cast

The Expendables 3 is set for an August release, and there’s going to be an ExpendaBelles spin-off. We won’t be surprised if these ladies land roles.

By Erin Dawson

What If The Expendables Recast As Females Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez
You might know her from: Fast & Furious franchise, Machete
Despite the recent “Zac Efron” incidents, Michele Rodriguez remains one of cinema’s most hotly sourpussed dames. She’s shown she can drive, demolish and destroy, all with the grace of a gazelle and the ferocity of the lion trying to maul it.

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What If The Expendables Recast As Females Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
You might know her from: The Hunger Games, X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Every action ensemble needs that fresh-faced youngster. Lawrence has the face, the body, and the sophisticated action movie chops to go the distance. Plus, her Academy Award would be awesome for impaling someone.