10 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Own

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adidas gazelle

Okay, we know you’re not really going to go buy 10 pairs of shoes all at once … unless you’re seriously trigger-happy with your credit card. But you do need to at least get started with a few standbys because women and bosses alike do notice what you use to hide your grotesque feet.

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That’s why we’ve consulted noted footologists from all over the world in order to assemble the perfect checklist of kicks.


shoes every man should own casual adidas Everyday Shoes: Adidas Gazelle ($55 @ Amazon.com)

Every guy has a pair of falling-apart sneakers he loves. But every guy should also own at least one pair of sneakers that actually look good. Another option is the Campus, which look almost identical to the Gazelle. Originally the 1970s all-suede basketball shoe known as “The Tournament.” They were renamed in the ’80s as the Campus. Nobody really cared when it happened, but it’s good info to know for bar trivia.

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