9 Great Shampoos for Men

Looking for the best men’s shampoo for your hair type? You’ll find your perfect guy-tested shampoo no matter what kind of hair you have.

By Robin Hilmantel

best shampoo for men redken I have never understood why many guys think it’s okay to research which razor is best for shaving, but they would never think about doing homework on which shampoo works for them.

(It’s because razors can be used as deadly weapons. Obviously. —Ed.)

You need good hair. Women like guys with hair — and not just hair, but hair that looks and smells good.

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So I’m going to make it easy for you with a straightforward countdown of the best shampoos for guys. (Be sure to take note of the kind that’s best for your hair type.) If you just read this once and make your choice, you’ll be able to mindlessly buy the same shampoo for the rest of your life…unless, of course, you go bald.

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(Pictured: Redken For Men Densify Shampoo ($47 @ Amazon.com)

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