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9 Pieces Of Gear Every Freshwater Fisherman Should Own

Summer’s long gone, but freshwater fishing season hasn’t ended. Before you and your cooler head to the lake, make sure you’re prepared.

By Jay Peterson


Fishing Gear

The summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean freshwater season has ended. Like you, fish fatten up during the fall — except they’re busy feeding on whatever they can swallow instead of pizza and beer. But before you and your cooler invade your favorite fishing hole, you’ll need the right gear to bring along.Laptop bags

Gear Every Freshwater Fisherman Should Own: Shakespeare Ugly Stik Light#1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite Series (30 @ Amazon.com)
Ugly Stik’s have a built a reputation on their toughness, but this new line of rods was constructed with even more graphite to ensure it’s light as well as sensitive. It’ll have you hauling in more fish than you can shake an (ugly) stick at. Sorry, we couldn’t resist.