9 Of The Best Natural Deodorants For Men

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The Best Natural Deodorants For Men

Soaking-wet, foul-smelling armpits won’t score any points with your boss or women … well, women who don’t have sweat fetishes. The problem is that many antiperspirants are aluminum-based — and while they do a great job of temporarily blocking sweat ducts and suppressing odor, the jury’s out on whether the aluminum they contain is harmful.

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Aluminum is a neurotoxin, and some researchers believe that the aluminum in antiperspirants for men can disrupt hormone levels. They also suspect it plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, whenever your underarm waterworks start flowing, aluminum is partially responsible for the grotesque yellow stains you get in the pits of your undershirts.

So if you’re worried about the aluminum in antiperspirants, opt for the best natural deodorants for men instead. These products aren’t just aluminum-free — they’re made from natural ingredients altogether.