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10 Common Grilling Mistakes

It’s tough to be king of the grill on July 4 when you’re making rookie mistakes. So we asked three expert grillers to correct the goofs they see people make most.


5 Ways To Improve Your
Beer Pong Game

Beer pong used to be about playing for pride … and about getting hammered. But now you can use your beer pong skills to win up to $100,000. Seriously.

cooking guide to oils for men

A Brief Guide To Cooking Oil

Which cooking oil is best for you, your food, or your dietary needs? Here are some pros and cons of using oils such as olive and hemp oil to canola and flaxseed.

Guy Recipes: Thanksgiving Sides

Guy Recipes: Thanksgiving Dinner Sides

Make yourself useful on Thanksgiving by cooking two simple but delicious side dishes: Parmesan, garlic, and chive mashed potatoes, and two-cheese squash casserole.

best way to grill steak, marbling

Why Rubs Are Better Than Marinades

Cooking or grilling meat? Rubs beat out marinades every time. We’ll tell you why and give you four delicious, easy-to-make rub recipes.