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5 Tips To Feel Full (Without Eating More)

Losing weight is more about diet than exercise. A key to doing that is to fend off hunger cravings by feeling full without eating more food.


#2. Carb Up …
Protein doesn’t make you feel full — carbohydrates do. It’s the type of carbs that will determined whether you’re going to feel energetic or pack on an inner tube around your waist.

#3. … But Cut Out Processed Carbs
Processed carbohydrates and other synthetic flavorings and ingredients aren’t recognized by the body. Whether it’s cereals, white bread, or white rice, those lab-created foods can cause insulin to spike in your body. Your blood sugar then starts to wildly hit peaks and valleys and you’ll never feel full or satisfied — so you keep eating. Keeping insulin spike to a minimum help ward off weight gain and eliminate hunger cravings.

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