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How To Read Her Body Language

How To Read Her Body Language

She might be too nice to flat out tell you to get lost, but her body language could be asking ...

8 Mistakes No Guy Can Get Away With

8 Mistakes No Guy Can Get Away With

The most famous, best looking, richest guys in the world can't get away with these subtle screw-ups. Which means you ...

Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

Cheap Date Ideas That Won't Make You Look Cheap

We asked women to describe the best cheap dates they've ever been on so you can steal the ideas and ...

How To Look More Confident

How To Look More Confident

Women like confident men. And these subtle body-language techniques will not only make you look confident — they'll actually make ...

How To Tell If She’s Faking It

How To Tell If She's Faking It

Think you can differentiate between a manufactured orgasm and the real deal? A former faker explains why it's not as ...

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Bad News: She Orgasms Less Than You Think

You’re not the stallion you thought you were. A study found that less than 20 percent of straight women reach climax during every sexual encounter.


How To Make The Perfect Apology

You screwed up — and she’s not happy. You’ve got one chance to give her the perfect apology, so you’d better make it count.


7 Myths About Her Period

Men don’t have periods, but the women in their lives do. So we asked a woman to correct some dopey male misconceptions. (One involves sharks!)